Breath of Life by Eric Nunnally


Spare me ne'er the beauty of life -
what animates this Sun
to intimacy; to hold gently,
its delicateness,
and breathe affectionately its masculine warmth.

And raises across its broad shoulders
the silken tapestry of dawn,
and strolls through the cool morning grasses
blessing the freshly opened flowers with dew,
impressing the dark earth
with its power.

Her dirt is rich -
most sacred bed;
bury me here, I pray, when I go.

I am permeated with its orchestra of
tender whispers,
delicate hymns,
and joyful rhythms...

put your ear to her
and listen...
I am well in the vast ocean of his mysteries.

Blessed be the day that life was born
and formed this consciousness
that can drink an entire sky
and climb to realms of essence
by loves grace.

Love that created to love
and planted this
Breath of life.

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