Blue fruit by Eric Nunnally


Deep purple stained her fingertips and her lips and her tongue

While leafy shadows danced on the sidewalk

and trees played in the beautiful sparkle of sunshine


"Here." She said

putting the berry to my lips and

smiling with a sweetness that made me open my mouth


she looked like she was from India

an ocean of black hair braided neatly over one bare

bronze shoulder

and eyes that looked like bright black marbles

kissed by God's happiness


the berry burst in my mouth

juice splashing onto my taste buds

almost as delicious as kissing her

soft smooth lips and

tasting the wet fire of her tongue


when her fingertips touch me

the warm breeze on the back of my neck

spreads all over me

and my heart aches wonderfully

blessed because she loves me


and our laughter tickles the air

as we run back to our blanket and

fall back kissing, the sun in our faces

and the juice of sweet blue fruit still on our lips


June 2, 2004






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