As much as I can by Eric Nunnally

When I am with you
There's a lot I want to do
All at once
I'm overwhelmed with the desire
To love you as much as I can
In every way I can
I laugh at myself when I see myself trembling
Stroking your cheek
Or tracing your eyebrows
And get nervous
'Cause I think you can hear my heart skipping
And I know I'm breathing heavy
And when my eyes get teary
Its cause I'm wondering what I would do
If you ever left me
And I know I would be so devastated
And my heart, so heavy
That no one but God could carry me through
So don't ever leave me
'Cause when you told me you cared, I believed you
And when you said you would never go, I believed you
And when you said you loved me, I believed you
And because there's so much I want to share
I don't think its fair
To love as much as I love you

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