Apples by Eric Nunnally

"You came into this world naked, vulnerable, and hungry
Angry with your innocense and your disorientation
Evicted from all you knew into something altogether

be naked for me
and i will show you
how it is really for you

please, allow me the truth behind your eyes
i have noticed the flame that glows there
when you look away, hiding

but why shouldn't you discover it
it is, after all, there to be discovered
whether a lie of the flesh or
a truth of the soul
that burns inside you

the kiss you would imagine to taste
is a soft thing
and the arms that enfold you
strong and warm.
free those dreams of paradise;
i too can feel the strength of your heart
and the warmth of your relax...
life flowing into you and around you

in the mirror of your conscience.
if you can desire the feeling
then you crave the experience

and if there is no taboo
then your hesitation comes from
the fear of abandon
the fear of chance or risk
but this is how i want you
this is how
I need you:
and trusting
before me
without shame or fear
with the passion of love in your veins
excited and nervous as i touch you with promise
given to my affections and gentle desires
as i satisfy my sensuous needs
by making love to you

as a child must love completely
i just want you to know that my intentions are...
well, they're like the wind
as free and changing...

i'd like to love you in the open air
and kiss you like i really care
and see you naked on the shore
smile at you and dream no more
have you as my happiness
in my life to share no less
as light and warm
as the sunlight through the trees
as soft and cool
as the morning breeze...

(refreshing, calm, and wonderful are my intentions - just thought i'd tell you.)

when you hold my hand
don't you feel my eagerness
to wrap my arms around you
and cry into you my needs
the love i want and long for and never find
don't you catch the glimmer in my eye when i look at you
that fascination with make-believe
that makes me love you for no reason at all
when i hold you in play
don't you feel the pain that calls for healing
the vulnerable child that needs affection
here i am open to you
take me and i will make love to you forever.
the world will be our playground
and life, time enough to love.
when your lips near mine
the incredible power of butterflies opens my heart
and i wish that you could read my mind
beyond the words you read are the feelings which
inspire them
i wish you could drink from the waters of my soul
my obsession with intimacy
my delight in loveliness
my belief in faerie tales
i could hold you forever were you mine,
in every emotion of my being,
and still you would be unchained
as free as you ever were
with only love in your heart
as your link to me.
you could be as far as death
and still i would love you
because love transcends all things.
i seek not to burden you with my desires
(though in truth my affection does require a focus)
only win your passion
to drink life with your eyes
to taste life with your heart
to be free, free to love completely...

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