All about you by Eric Nunnally


Love is the way that I be feeling you
Savoring your kisses when Iím into you

Taking my time
like there ainít nothing better
me and you

Getting lost in every moment that Iím
touching you

I gotta lay my face against that softest
of you

Smell your hair, and press my fingers
in the wet
of you

Intoxicated with the heat
from your honeydew

so delicious:
just the thought
of you

I tell you that I love you
And you know itís true
But you be worried bout what
tomorrow brings to you

Is there a future in these moments that I spend
with you

Or is this
just a temporary rendezvous?

De ja vu Ė

it seems like you been here before,
ainít you?

Giving up the goods to get a promise,
and you
Are feeling nervous bout the possibility
that you knew

You shoulda held back a little,
fore I got to you

Cuz now your head is spinning
your heart hates you

Cuz again
it pays the price for listening
to you

Am I a bad man for letting you
Love this, too?

Cuz I enjoyed every minute?
Wasnít I s'posed to?

I mean, its you weíre talking bout:
My dream come true

But not my only dream
And that doesnít sit right with you

Cuz what we do
Should just be
It must be
To trust me

To be in love with you and you alone
When it was lust

When we were havin fun you never asked me
To see me

You wanted something you went fishing for
And thought youíd catch me

But when your line broke
And you choked
on the truth that hit you

You couldnít fathom
it was not
All about you

June 14, 2004

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