Absolution by Eric Nunnally


(Don't do that!)
engaging me in conversation
stirring up all my attention
caught me dreaming while your lips were moving
forming words...

on the edge of vulgar pulses
slipping on my need to mask this
energy I'm spilling at your feet,
I'm over reaching you.

cant hear clearly when you're in the room
my eyes are caught up in the moonlight
you've got coming from the way you look at me.

I'm embarrassed by my sense of you
your form beneath your costume: nude
the warmth I find, a hunger ravaging my soul
to seize.

locked on deeper than your face
behind this space
next to this time
not here
but somewhere all surprise,
so that, when you would look around...
I would be all that you know
your only contact with your soul
the only

if I could only spirit you
to some fantastic place where you
could only look around and see
me: your familiarity
and all you know would I then be
as gentle as a summer breeze.

I am brought within a touch of nothingness
from kissing you
drinking the excitement of your eyes caught unaware
and die like maddened butterflies
feeling the strengthened arch of your fall

to rise and slide my arm around you
show how fluid I could be
outside myself
and let you feel me like some passion-play :
Id bathe you and you need not worry bout my eyes
for even blind I would enjoy the ecstasy of confessing
my sins to you.

December 6, 1995

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