Reflection of a kiss by mrgrunty

The mirror broke,
and slowly sent
its memories to the ground.
The children play,
and gaze upon
the wonder they have found.

In every shard,
reflections are
now tainted by the last.
In what you see,
remains the ghost
of memories now passed.

The mirror broke,
but what it saw
most beautiful a thing.
The starry eyes,
of those just met
for whom the angels sing.

The love begun,
was witnessed by
our all absorbing friend.
He tells his tale,
in broken parts
for many to contend.

New lovers crunch,
beneath their feet
the magic in the glass.
Broken pieces,
holding secrets;
as whispers of the past.

Heated lover,
feels the pulsing
and nothing's now remiss.
The beautiful,
of yours and my first kiss.

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