Nicci's cup by Eric Nunnally


Nevermind that she's alone
And he's been places without her
When she dances naked in her empty room
She feels his hands in the air

The points of her breasts tingle with
Thoughts of an imaginary lover licking her with gentle flames
And she sways her hips slowly
Feeling the beauty of her body

She remembers his tantalizing whispers
Blowing along the fines hairs of her back
how she wet the softest skin of her thighs with longing
Melting at the feel of the warmth of his mouth on her shoulder

But in the early morning hours
He slipped away
While she slept, content with the bedtime stories he left her

And in dawn's cool wake
The bedroom curtains pushed gently inward and
She inhaled the new air, opening her eyes and
Drinking from the cup of a delightful melancholy

missing him again

June 2, 2004

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