Ask And Ye Shall Recieve!

People I'm Looking For 

Liz Tsao Scott.jpg

Elizabeth Tsao Scott
- Last known residence? Miami, FL.
She is a graduate of Kenwood Academy (1989), used to live in Hyde Park with her Grandmother, drove a red Lexus coupe, is African-American/Chinese, has three younger bothers, the oldest named Maurice, David and I can't remember the third.

Joseda Jianca Cook

Anne Miles-Vargas
- Last known residence? Seattle, WA.
Married to Rudie Vargas with three children at last count. Moved to Seattle from Chicago. Graduated from University of Illinois Circle Campus.

Mark Crawford
- Last known residence? Chicago, IL.
Graduated from Gillespie Elementary school. Likes dogs, esp. Pit bull terriers.

Stuff I'm Looking For

Peaceful Living
- by Natalie Cole

Black sketch books
- back in 1991 I was working at this dental school called Chicago Institute of Technology (C.I.T). One of the security guards, a guy by the name of Mason, (a short black dude who at the time, lived over east on the South Side) was holding some stuff for me, including my comic book collection, a camera, and a couple of black sketch books with drawings in them. Anybody know where I can find Mason?

A collection of stories
- One of which was entitled, "the silver cross," a war story. Back in high school I loaned a string bound version of this and other stories to a young lady by the name of Stephanie Whittaker, Jennifer Lundeen's friend. Anybody know where I can find either one? Jennifer teaches aerobics now, is married to a guy named Fred? and just had a baby in 2004 I think.