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Some of my better poetry from 1989 included in the compilation entitled,
"A Soul..." 

I want to touch your soul...
You say you love me
but you don't even know me
Maybe you don't have to
or maybe I misunderstood
and you meant that you
were willing to allow yourself
the time
to grow
to love me.
I doubt that I could ever
put myself down on paper
but I can't help but feel
to bare my very soul to you
I want you to know me
possess my reality
the most inconceivable ecstacy
which is to know
to feel
to be
can you understand who i am
what i am...
Beyond the barriers of
sexuality, sensuality
above the flickering flames
of passion, lust and desire
forget the pains
of limitation
and partake of the delicate
skein of life
breath of another
shatter the ignorance of doubt
the ultimate escape
the most heavenly house
beyond physicality
transcending cosmic reality
life is more than
ethereal beauty
forever past the horizon
of infinity
untouched by limitation
to be
in love...

I want to touch you.
look at me.
can you resist?
theres no such this as
what if
what you feel
is not delusion
explore your fantasy
and touch upon reality
there are no limitation
but fear
push aside
the butterflies
and kiss me
if you want to
but I'm going to show you anyway
what it means to be lost in
to feel
like you've never felt before
and to love yourself
through another...

Of a love came this
the fulfillment of a dream in plurality
I do and yet
I explore the possibilities
of my own imagination
and form reality of passion
such fury defends my pride
and burns my heart
promise me
I demand with no cause
and perhaps
ask for what I already have
am I blinded
by my own humanity
help me for my insecurity
for I would destroy
by rumor
and kill for arrogance
the power of possibility
is the source
of all iniquity
what humility...

How long is time?
reflect on mine:
the promise of love's pantomime.
a collapse of inhibition
I succumb
to the erotic manifestations
of lust;
the greedy pleasure of possession
stimulates my needs
for physical ecstacy...
I am obsessed!
you and your body are one
and I want that
and more -
the fires of passion give rise
to the searing pain of desire.
I am crumbling -
by the iniquity of my most sublime
help me...

the softness of a summer breeze
caressing thoughts and soothing these
you are to me
just out of reach
a sweet
delectibly ripe peach
I smell your soul and taste your wine
your eyes so clear; your lips sublime
would I dare
to steal your smile
and hold your thoughts
for just a while
never have I sucha one
so beautiful; my wants undone
a flower I can never touch
a dream I've never loved so much
a whisper every now and then
reminding me of moments when
my memories were satisfied
with thoughts of you; I even cried
the doves would wake the morning sun
and I still hear my heart; unsung
a wish would never manifest
a hope could never let me rest
and so I say a prayer for you
Joseda, may my dreams come true...

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