The Ephesian

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These poems were written in 1989 to be published in a compilation entitled,
 "A Soul..."

I am searching for a place
I want to call heaven.
I have faith I will go to a heaven;
I know it will be home;
the place I am searching for
may be the life I want now,
it doesn't seem possible
because the world isn't that beautiful.
I've taken pictures in my dreams
of my fantasies -
I wonder,
will they be realized?
I am searching for a place:
a heaven on earth;
a vacation from this life
to another...
only I'm not so sure
how to get there -
to the place I dream about
maybe I never will
maybe that life
is just a dream.

words are only shadows of my thoughts
shaped from dreams and fantasy
and memories.
I don't want to make up my mind,
but I don't want to starve
'cause hunger makes me desperate
to fill my needs
and... what if I am wrong
and lose it all?
chances are
I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
so help me make up my mind
and show me how I feel
cause I really don't want to admit
that I'm scared.
hold me and
surround me with your love and warmth;
make me feel good
'cause I haven't for a long time:
the sun's more beautiful when you hardly notice it
and when you do... your eyes get tired;
so steal my heart and keep it forever
'cause I'm going blind
from staring too long...


Friends are very beautiful people
the best you will ever find
they will forgive and
they will always love...
To lose a friend
is a sharper pain
than losing all
to start again...
People are reality
and you must face reality
for even blind men can see
no man is an island.
To have a friend
is more than good
for friends make up
what is soul food...
Like flowers planted long ago
with lives as long as yours may know
the roots will search and feel and grow
and when they bloom you realize
you reap whatever you may sow...

a whisper on skin
the flame of a kiss
the fire within
teach me your sensitivity
and explore your vulnerability
with me... come be
and find a new reality*
a naked sensation
a sinful elation
your tears: bittersweet

intimacy fulfilled
is death
with two extremes.
naked souls -
a concept beyond
the wildest imagination,
no place to hide secrets;
your own eye
your own eye.
intimacy fulfilled
is the time
of time
broken down
to nothing
and everything;
but ever flowing;
a cage
of truth...

Doin it all alone
a heart as cold as stone
and just like Al Capone
you'll die without a bone
nobody cares
that you're so tough
nobody cares
that you've had it rough
you're falling towards
a blind man's bluff
when will you learn
enough is enough
for once in your life
try taking a chance
tackle some fun, love
or romance
go out and party
and learn how to dance
stay out til dawn
in a bed full of
take the time
to understand
no matter how strong
Share your thoughts, your dreams
and memories
Explore your needs and fears
let go of your tears
Find out what life is all about
was meant to be
Enjoy the sun, the breeze
and the coming years
Its not too late to share
and care
say a prayer
enjoy an affair
become aware
learn to compare
so there
now that you know
perhaps you will show
that there's a heart inside
that can't hide anymore
and that it understands
despite being sore
but much much more...

The better ones from '89 can be found on the next page. Of course "better" is relative, and of course my opinion is the only one that matters... :)