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My Dating Profile 

The best music, it seems, people don't listen to anymore. What is good in life seems to be a bygone era, replaced with lost selfish souls scared of the truth. Ever notice how everybody believes in God and nobody lives it? How the truth is right in front of everybody's face but nobody sees or hears it?
When the sky comes falling down, who'll be at home watching television? Who'll be in the club gettin their groove on? And who'll be in the bed with someone elses lover?
People selling flags and singing God Bless America. How do you know God aint fed up the way He got fed up so many times before? What makes us so different? Are we acting any different?
A little more about myself? I am a man. No more, no less. Not the best and not the worst. Wicked at heart but yearning to be better.
Im an artist at heart, a romantic with a realist's facade. I prefer the best life has to offer and often find it where others fail to see it. Now don't take that to mean that I just settle for anything. Not by a long shot. But I'm pretty good at bid whist, and can do some pretty remarkable things with a bad hand. When a good hand comes along, I let the cards speak for themselves.
I love children because they seem to love me. I love animals because God put them here. I love food, good movies, good conversation, and a pretty face (Sounds like a date - which I haven't been on in years!)
I like quiet intimacy, a slower pace, and time for reflection. Sure, the night life can be enticing. I might even take a nibble every now and then, but the world is going to hell in a handbag and no matter how good it looks, tastes, feels, or talks...
Does that mean I don't know how to enjoy myself? Lets see, how much have I written? I love me very much, thank you. Just seeing if there's someone interesting out there.
I'd like to meet someone who "does it" for me. If thats you, great! If not, I hope you've got some good conversation, like to play in the kitchen, and will make me look like a charity case when we're in public :).
I love music (not rap, though I like Common, Blackstar, TuPac, etc.)
I prefer jazz, house/club/loft, ambient, R&B, and love songs (India Arie, George Benson, Sade, Brook Benton, Stanley Clarke, Jamiroquoi, Meshell N'Degeocello, Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughan, EW&F, Donny, Mike, old Stevie, Bulu Master, what's her face, and stuff like that...)
The Bible is my guide. Im not always on point, but that's the direction I'm going. Everybody loves me except my ex's... go figure
What I Want?
Ever dreamed the impossible dream? Just kidding. I know you're out there. Just probably not looking through "online dating services."
My dream mate was Elizabeth, but we developed this sibling perspective that kind of screwed up everything for me. Spilt milk.
Do I have a dream mate? Don't we all? But IN THE MEANTIME we deal with who we deal with :)
The woman I would like to meet... hmmm... lets make it impossible:
She's interesting and selfless
She can communicate and listen well
She is open and honest and takes calculated risks
She's attractive but not vain
She young (at heart) willing and able to please her man :)
She's intelligent and God fearing
God is first in her life (but she's not a mormon)
She is sensitive, compassionate, and supportive
She is willful, disciplined, and WISE
oh, and she's fine.
Now what are the odds I'll catch someone like that over the internet, who will know how to reach me without going through a lot of changes, and will actually be the person for me? Probable odds: a zillion to one.
Bottom line? If you've got a car, a job, a bank account, ten fingers and ten toes (where they are supposed to be), a forgiving sense of humor, a bright personality, a clean mouth, and a free weekend every now and then, give me a holla.
And remember: Just because a person doesn't believe in God doesn't mean God doesn't exist. And just because a person believes in God doesn't mean that person's going to heaven.
"My sheep know my voice." Are you listening?

P.S. Everybody has gone through some hell in life. Some of us harden our hearts and keep movin. Others cave in and let it beat them down. We are where we are because of the choices we've made. If you don't like where you are, start making different choices. Discover who you are and what is good for you. Remember what you said you wanted out of life when you were a little kid? You've got a little experience under your belt, resources, and your health. What are you waiting for. Do your part to make the world a better place. Become a better person.
Love ya