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Page Seven: Poetic Moments

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by Eric Nunnally

When I am with you
There's a lot I want to do
All at once
I'm overwhelmed with the desire
To love you as much as I can
In every way I can
I laugh at myself when I see myself trembling
Stroking your cheek
Or tracing your eyebrows
And get nervous
'Cause I think you can hear my heart skipping
And I know I'm breathing heavy
And when my eyes get teary
Its cause I'm wondering what I would do
If you ever left me
And I know I would be so devastated
And my heart, so heavy
That no one but God could carry me through
So don't ever leave me
'Cause when you told me you cared, I believed you
And when you said you would never go, I believed you
And when you said you loved me, I believed you
And because there's so much I want to share
I don't think its fair
To love as much as I love you


by Eric Nunnally

Everything abused and fingered,
meddled with and stained...
is softly passionate and whispered
til a heart is changed.
Standing in the middle
of an emptiness so full
that it seems to be too big to realize
and so, invisible;
the hunters run away to kill
themselves responsible.
Hunted like a terrorist to silence unto death;
slandered by the chanting masses'
programmed prepared breath...
Rebuked, as devils ought to be,
and yet it somehow stays
the hand that works against its ways.
Accused it smiles, and killed it lives
a venom to the conscience
and uncured by excess filth.


by Eric Nunnally

Spare me ne'er the beauty of life -
what animates this Sun
to intimacy; to hold gently,
its delicateness,
and breathe affectionately its masculine warmth.

And raises across its broad shoulders
the silken tapestry of dawn,
and strolls through the cool morning grasses
blessing the freshly opened flowers with dew,
impressing the dark earth
with its power.

Her dirt is rich -
most sacred bed;
bury me here, I pray, when I go.

I am permeated with its orchestra of
tender whispers,
delicate hymns,
and joyful rhythms...

put your ear to her
and listen...
I am well in the vast ocean of his mysteries.

Blessed be the day that life was born
and formed this consciousness
that can drink an entire sky
and climb to realms of essence
by loves grace.

Love that created to love
and planted this
Breath of life.


by Eric Nunnally

A heavy ball ripe,
black and round;
cold and wet
with morning dew...

Sweet within,
so smooth its skin:
to pierce the flesh is my desire.
Soft, crisp scent, night-purple skin,
the orange-pink flesh invites my sin...
and so then I embrace the fire.

Open wound, oh! sweet the juice;
petals now are open full.
Now within I drink my fill
and capture every waterfall...

The essence of thirst,
like a plum busted red,
is a very wet redness
searching for blue...

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