The Ephesian
Page One: Building on Sandy Ground

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A reflective piece, the first poem is the most recent, late May - early June 2001. The second was also published in my school yearbook (CSU) as an offer of appeasement for a past indescretion...


by Eric Nunnally

I did what I thought was right
but yes we argued and fought
theres nothin pleasant bout that
nothin gained from being wrong

I saw her interest first
she thought I was a smartass
I played the role cause I could
and she put on her strong mask

in time we kicked it as friends
hanging out for some air
we had fun takin in
each others time space and care

and by the time I was free
we had that talk: what could be
and as we both had our needs
we started physically

only a matter of time
before my seed found its place
and so we wrestled with life
overwhelmed by our state

I did what I had to do
and set sail for hard times
frustration, weariness, fear
and ignorance had me blind

the basics werent even mine
but sent down from the Devine
and while I labored my lot
I looked up and saw not

I had been so involved
in playing out what was dealt
I had not then realized
just what it was that I felt

the emptiness had creeped through
and lodged itself where I thought
she was to make her a home
but love me she couldnt do

the warmth I never received
I could not then comprehend
she blamed it on her hormones
I said I needed a friend

In time I fell in a trap
I had laid with my hand
and lost myself for a moment
in Alices Wonderland

it added insult to injury
when I confessed my sin
after denying my shame
then blaming her for her pain

how could I be alone
responsible for this mess
how could I be to blame
for my own lonliness

we took up where we left off
changed and hardened by the scars
we made our strides ran our laps
but in our skies were no stars

time seemed to heal our old wounds
and we took vows for a life
that what was given in love
should bear us fruit and not strife

I gave her all that I had
I guess my all was too much
I choked the life from a rose
cutting thorns much too close

and now I find myself here
out of touch out of place
she cant stand havin me near
check the streams on her face

and now aint nothin I gave
worth a damn all is gone
and the emptiness stings
nothin gained from being wrong


by Eric Nunnally

Rushing through an impatient Desire to find Perfection
out of the insecurities of my own imperfection, Hoping my ideal would be my salvation if I could only claim it;
I raced away from myself, from You
committing my first adultery, my original sin,
losing my faith in You.

But You were always faithful and kept me even in my transgressions, never forfeiting Your promise to lead me to Perfection.

I was rushing through an impatient Desire to find Perfection out of the insecurities of my own imperfection, only to discover it in You

You are the testament of my perfection,
for me to self confess that I might grow to Perfection
with You and truly appreciate the Blessings You have given me

before You foremost I dedicate this Marriage
and hold it up as a testament of my Reality

which is You.