My truest friend by Lisa Rayappan


My truest friend,

Let me into your soul and explore the depths of your ocean,
and for certain I will let you into mine.
Knowing that for sure my love is yours,
Wholeheartedly I will give to you,
For your pleasure is more than I can bear,
Loving the feeling of being in too deep,
Seeing all that is clear,
Wondering if I will reach the top to sneak a breath,
Yet too concerned with the ocean life around your sandy floor.
What is air, when the view I see enraptures me?
Mystical beauty, like finding some cosmic wonder,
unseen treasure that my eyes now behold,
Lost in awe my body tingles in amazement.
Kissing every beauty that is within,
Calming deep blue water,
fiery colored coral so intricately intertwined,
almost stinging my eyes with their brightness,
delicately designed little fish,
veering through the water with purpose and definition,
Majestic whales gracefully passing through,
movement amongst the others coming to a halt,
watching in disbelief at the royal sight.
exotic creatures with character and delight,
and even spiny creatures, unusual, I wish to look away.
Lovingly, I appreciate every sight.
As my body floats upward,
coming up for air in the world outside,
I know that only a glimpse was captured of your vast ocean,
Though grateful, I can't help but hope for another sneak peak.


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