I hope in your mind... by Lisa Rayappan


I hope in your mind it is certain that finding pleasure in company like yours,
will only exist with you.
When love is all that you've given,
When comfort and forgiveness wreaks from you,
and still the storm is not quiet,
I've come to realize,
that what I thought had passed within me,
still exists.
The storm still stirs,
though you have done well to calm the torrent winds,
I am grateful beyond recognition,
but perhaps it was just the eye of the storm.
I am bothered by my own restlessness,
an uneasiness about the strength and character of myself.
In search of finding perfection in imperfection itself...
still unable to accept what is imperfect,
And so, unable to deal with something unexplored, unaccepted.

I hate to let go of the possibility
of creating beautiful moments,
that shine through like the brilliant rainbow,
calming the sky amidst the chalky gray clouds.
A drug I am too comfortable with.
Wishing only to catch it and hold it tightly forever.

In sadness, I think of these sweet memories,
created solely in love,
and in happiness and eagerness they push me forward,
to a more beautiful future.
To a future of peace and serenity,
the ability to truly love finally at hand.

Perhaps, it is time for me to stand outside my storm,
instead of fighting in the middle of it.
Letting go of all cherished belongings.
To examine the environment I have created.
Maybe it is not the storm I should fight,
but the environment that controls it,
looking to the pollution from which it has developed.

You have unfolded parts of me,
that I thought could never be touched,
like some silent angel,
you have swept me from my feet,
and given me the gift of love.
And, in your truth and love,
you have kissed my lips,
breathing life into my weakened soul,
showing me the reality of dreams, simplicity, and love.
You move with an understanding and grace,
never seen before,
sending tingles throughout my body.
Secretly wishing the whole world could witness this beautiful sight,
leaving no room for hatred,
just simple love.

No words will ever explain,
the unmistakable feeling of your warmth,
covering my body,
taking me to a place close to your soul,
breathing the air that is within,
feeling the skin of perfection,
kissing the very heart of life,
viewing the essence of everything I believed to be true.


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