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"Quotes to remember for the Readers of this Book"

"Every other day I feel as if this would be the day He says 'come home Les, you've been here long enough' and I wake up to a new day. Regardless of how I have encompassed my life I realize I have a purpose, but harnessing the energy to carry out my objective is where the problem lies. I must study God's scriptures on a daily basis to strengthen my faith in Him, strengthening my holy spirit that I received after I was baptized. And putting what I've learned about Jesus Christ into action... that I can't live my life without having God in my life... and following his commandments and laws." - Leslie Trotter

"Also knowing that I must pray the serenity Prayer: 'Lord, give me the strength to accept the things that I cannot change, the courage to change those things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.'" (The prayer that I just mentioned I read in a wonderful and encouraging book for people who are looking for inspiration. It's called, "I am, I can & I will WALKING BY FAITH" by Joe L. Dudley, Sr.)

"Trying to simplify the complications of another person's life will oftentimes complicate your own life; Pray about it and God will see you through." - Leslie Trotter

"To the readers: When you get the opportunity to buy this book, do so... the title of the book is, "the Purpose Driven Life" written by Rick Warren. It will help you the way it helped me to focus on serving God and understanding what He expects from his children... His servants... His followers... those trying to follow His commandments truthfully, which should be all of us!" - Leslie Trotter

"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke (A British statesman who influenced the history of many countries besides England.) This was a caption at the end of a great movie called "Tears of the Sun" starring Bruce Willis, on DVD in 2003

"To familiarize yourself with that which is misunderstood, you can easily postpone your spiritual growth. Therefore question that which you don't understand, so that your spirituality does not suffer." - Leslie Trotter

"Be mindful of the challenges you are faced with because, until you master the thing that hinders you, you will forever be a slave to it." - Leslie Trotter

"Son, master your creativity; your talent is a tool - sharpen it with wisdom." - Leslie Trotter

"In the midst of the shadows that hover in my domain, I'm trying to stand still, finally allowing the sunlight to burst through the windows of my heart, eliminating the darkness of the emotional closet I've walked into." - Leslie Trotter

"Gentleness is power under control." - Roy Schwarz 1998

"Without struggle, there is no progress." - Fredrick Douglass

"Information is power. If you do not seize the information, you do not have power." - Lawrence Fishburne in Higher Learning

"The true warrior's greatest battle is the battle that rages from within, the struggle to master the ego, to fight not for gain or glory, but to balance the scales of justice. Only when the mind is free of the concept of self can the hand strike swift and true." - this quote is from the Bruce Lee Fights documentary 1983

"You must remember that God your Father led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, in order to humble you, test and prove you, and know what was in your heart; the seat of your intelligence, to see you would keep His laws, or whether you would not." - Deuteronomy 8:2

"True freedom is not choosing our way, but yielding to God's way." - Dennis De Haan

"Father in heaven, You have given us so much. The miracle of life is beyond our understanding. The opportunity to know You is a gift beyond comparison. The people around us are priceless. Please forgive us for losing sight of what is most important. Please forgive us for ignoring You, Your will, and the hurting and lost people for whom Your Son died. May today be the day that Your kingdom comes and Your will is done in us, as it is in heaven." - Mart De Haan

"At the end of the day Lean Forward, do not Lean Backwards." - David Rosenau

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"Each publication that is released and bought will go toward the education and personal well being of my son Nathaniel Tacuma Akil Trotter and the rest of our families.

"This book was written out of Love for my Mom (Sydney), Dad (Walter), (Sisters) Lisa, Shemica, LaShell, Anitra, (Brother) Al, (Nephew) Lil Rodney, (Nieces) Earnisty, and Haven, (Sister-in-law) Aina London, The Trotter Family, Dickson Family, Hanks Family, Leslie O. Howard (My Father) & our Howard family, Imani Margerum-London Family, Reed Family, Pass Family, J. Amber Ellis Family, Nunnally Family, Robbins Family, Diggs Family, R. Jones Family (13), Bragg Family, Loupe Family, Robinson Family, Williams Family, Bell Family, Castile Family, Toombs Family & The Loomis Street Family, Pompei Nayru (Poetically means Peace Maker) Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks (My Spiritual Grandmother), I'll always love you.

"Linda (L.ady E.bony S.wan), Trumell, Sparkle, Destiny, Shantel, DeShaun, and the Robinson Family - thank you for embracing me. I love you all.

"To all my doctors at Northwestern Medical Hospital (Dr. B. Bendok), (Dr. A. Amine) with St, Francis Hospital - thank you very much for allowing God to use you to save my life during my surgeries. (May God bless you and the lives of your staff). To all the teachers, staff and administrators that work in the Calumet Park School District #132, and Principal J. Burnditt - Burr Oak Academy). All those that I missed, may God bless you and your families also.


One Love...

"To all the women I've ever known, I appreciate your patience with me and my inconsistencies. Thanks for teaching me how to love, how to be loved, and why it's important to know when I'm in love. For all of you and those you love now, I pray that God continues to shine in your lives and bless you. You have inspired me in so many ways, I can't just put them into words. Know this: that you'll always be a significant & lovely part of my life. May God bless all of you.

"This book will satisfy the thirst of millions because I'm thirsty, too. Just by writing, I'm curing myself. I'm no longer afraid to fail, which makes me very successful at jotting down these thoughts and sharing them with you. It is an illness that I embrace, because my early experiences will bring us a lifetime of health and intimate success.


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"What's up son, this is your dad.
I just want you to know that you are my heart,
no matter what you've heard, you are my little man
I can't wait for us to be together again, so we can play ball,
go to the park, sit and talk about whatever is on your mind and
you can learn the piano and trumpet all the while
studying to be a Rhodes Scholar or whatever you choose,
I'll be right here for you.
I love you, son.

Nathaniel, allow me to awaken the sleeping giant within you
by reassuring you of the intellect that you possess,
that suave & gritty finesse.
Son, easily approach any situation by knowing the ground you stand on.
Defend your family at all cost.
I will always be here to support your progress from a little boy to a strong young man.
Always read Job 22:21-22, 29
"Now, (get to know God), acquaint yourself with Him
& be at peace, (with yourself).
Thereby good will come to you.
Please receive instruction from His mouth
and lay up His words in your heart."

-Love Dad..

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"Thy Son"

"I am thy Father, which neither in heaven, nor by blood,
nor by birth, but by the spirit,
You are the only son
that our Lord blessed me with.
I know why you are the only son I will ever have,
because you need the wisdom that I give
and I need what you give as a son,
a leader and a wise man.
From a wise one take all the gifts that I gave you, which you cannot see.
Pass them on to your son the same way I gave them to you,
not by sight but by the light of guidance,
which you know now and forever,


(Walter Trotter wrote ďThy Son.Ē Thanks for contributing this piece, Dad.)

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"Hello Sistas"

"Iím talking to all of my coco-butter queens,
You gorgeous grandmothers, mothers, daughters, aunties and girlfriends,
All of you are fabulously elegant sistas.
With your wonderful strength in the face of adversity
You are beyond patient with us brothas that are struggling
With self, society, the streets trying to figure out how you find the courage
To keep loving us unconditionally.
Iím talking to the educated sistas that have lost faith in us brothas,
Those of you that have transformed to fall in love with another type of brotha,
I could never be mad at you, yet Iím inspired cause as the brothas continue to pull up
their bootstraps and the soldiers begin to secure the communities,
Youíll be back happier than the day you ran away taking your love and support.
Hello you single mothers, the most beautiful sistas, that takes hold of your
situation and makes good with the hand youíre dealt, playing the game to win,
I donít always agree with your style but you must protect your pride, joy, and your heart.
To all you young sistas,
I want you to know the brothas
are here and weíre gonna stay around
With arms wide open whether holding down the block
in order to hold up the neighborhood, we are out
here working two 9 to 5ís in order to make
your dreams come true. We are in college to bring
the mental wealth home,
Weíre the brothas waiting to share the world
with our gorgeous sistas,
Sincerely, One Brotha of Millions
of Brothas that are Right Here!!!"

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"Sensitive & Realistic"

"Brothas, listen to the things I begin to share with you,
the expedition of embracing your emotions,

Our women, true companions, have been here for
us since the dawn, one rib.

Emphatically some of us, not all of us have rejected their strength,
out of fear of being dominated.

Yet it is not dominance that they seek, itís the meek
heart of their king that our queens search for,

They want to walk with us, not behind us, as well as being led
by our strength & humility.

Those who truly read this and experience the Ďloveí in which
I speak, you feel me.

Brothas cherish and respect that our women are sensitive and realistic!"

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"To those that have a Surplus of Understanding"

"The desire to please your mate burns at 7,000 degrees
On a daily basis, yet can be extinguished with one tear of infidelity.
Tremendous episodes of;
Pushing, pulling, loving, hugging, cursing, lying and
The truth shall set you free.
I am not yo! Babyís daddy
Iím our sonís father
regardless of the climax of our romantic, passionate,
hectic marriage-divorce.
The forces of human natureís scientific studies, test tubed us, shook us, sprung us,
impregnated us, hitched us, poured us onto litmus paper and we tested negative
I pray that we can forgive and forever be friends,
not only for his sake, but also for our own,
stay strong, hold on and donít take it out on your next love.
O.K. love, because they deserve to be loved in order for you to be loved.
Can. You.Dig.It?Ē

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"Blue Tulips"

" Iím not six feet tall, but Iíve got the heart of a giant,
I donít have thousands in the bank, but my soul is rich with opportunities
To give you all of me,
Weíll make love according to the way we feel,
Like when I stopped to visit and you came out the
House with BBQ sauce on your fingertips
And your hair pulled back underneath a ball cap,
As natural as I said hello old friend and we hugged for a long time.
Each of us has seen relationships,
Real loves & real losses,
Each of us witnessing life being brought into the world,
Youíre the mother of a beautiful baby girl & Iíve fathered a handsome baby boy.
Weíre cut from the same cloth yet weíve quilted different levels of warmth
In different peoples lives,
And right now Iím curious to find out how warm we could keep
Each other in a defined relationshipÖĒ

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