Natural Health Care Providers Stop taking prescription and non-prescription drugs Energetic rebalancing - frequency generators -Intero -Vegatest -Dermatron The book "Sanctuary" Check your body pH -do it with pH paper Eat fresh and organic vegetables Do a candida elimination program
Get a juice machine and use it
Do alphabiotics
Get natural sunlight
Do a colon cleanse Do a liver and gallbladder cleanse Don't drink tap water Eat an apple a day Take coral calcium Take a whole food supplement Buy a shower filter magnetic toe and finger rings Use a rebounder Eat only organic kosher meat and poultry magnetic mattress pad don't drink canned or bottled juice get 15 colonics in 30 days
get a chiropractic adjustment neutralize electromagnetic chaos eat raw organic nuts and seeds drink no diet sodas see an herbalist
do chi kung eliminate aspartame and monosodium glutamate do not eat artificial sweeteners get an oxygen water cooler

do not use microwave
take digestive` enzymes don't eat fast food
eat only organic food
no high fructose corn syrup do not eat homogenized and pasteurized dairy products no hydrogenated oil speak powerful words if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin don't eat anything in a box can jar or package
get an air purifier do not eat farm raised fish do not eat pork do not eat shellfish use a gentle wind project instrument do not use sun block do not eat white processed flour listen to de-stressing music cds do not use antiperspirants or deordorants do not eat white processed sugar do not eat anything that says fat free, sugar free, low carb or net carb do not eat food bars, diet or protein shakes
use organic sea salt
stay away from hot tubs, steam rooms and swimming pools stay away from electric tumble dryers fast don't eat late
get and give hugs drive less be thankful don't use a cell phone and drive
be lighthearted eliminate flourescent lighting add living plants to your home eliminate air fresheners get a massage rest on the Sabbath (fiday sundown to Saturday sundown) listen to nice music do not take vitamin supplememnts get out of debt
get a pet
get rolfing get an inversion table get a range of motion macvhine do tai chi use Callahan techniques for urges sleep eight hours in bed by 10 up by 6 eat organic dark chocolate
make your own beer and wine

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To produce up to 4.5 litres (1 gallon - 6 bottles) of quality home made wine you will need the following basic equipment:- 1 Demijohn
1 Bored demijohn cork
1 Fermentation lock
1 Plastic funnel
1 Syphon tube
Sterilising solution
Campden tablets
6 Wine bottles and corks
1 Hydrometer and Trial Jar (preferably)

Sterilise all equipment
Sterilise all equipment thoroughly before you start, including your 4.5 litre (1 gallon) jar.

Add grape juice
Add the grape juice concentrate.

Add water
Add about 3 litres of cold tap water to the jar.

Dissolve sugar
Dissolve the sugar in warm water for most kits (some kits include sugar).

Add sugar
Add sugar solution to the concentrate (except kits with sugar included).

Add water
Add water to top-up to
4.5 litres (1 gallon).

Add yeast
Open the packet and add the yeast.

Fit airlock & bung
Half fill the airlock with water and insert it into the bung to seal the jar.

Leave in a warm place
Keep in a warm place 21-24C (70-75F) or use a heating pad or belt.

Check with hydrometer
Take hydrometer readings at various stages to check on the remaining sugar level.
DRY: 0.990 - 0.996
MEDIUM: 0.996 - 1.009
SWEET: 1.009 - 1.018

Add campden and stabiliser
At the end of fermentation add two crushed Campden tablets with potassium sorbate.
Refit the bung and airlock.

Syphon from sediment
The wine should be left in a cool place (15C / 60F) to clear. A few days later transfer from the sediment.

Add finings
Some wines will not clear on their own and may well need finings.
Follow the instructions supplied with the finings.

Filter the wine
When clear you can pass  the wine through a filter to achieve professional brilliance and transfer into sterilised wine bottles.

Bottle and label.
Fit the corks with a corking tool.
To enhance appearance, fit labels and shrink caps.

do not use corn oil use aromatherapy wear white use full spectrum lights take an afternoon 15 minute break don't use an alarm clock reduce or eliminate air conditioning
plant a garden dont read the newspaper dont watch the news reduce tv time
have sex
eat snacks use foot orthotics write down goals