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No bio. Just a brief diddy on the artist/author/poet written by a beautiful goddess answering to the name of Dea. The mug shot is from May or June of 2004. The music is "Aguas de Marco" by Joao Gilberto. The picture is entitled "Elerium" by Robert Mekis from GFX.
The meat of this entire site. There's also a link to featured artists/poets I happen to like very much, thank you (smile). The background picture is of Sanaa Lathan from the November 2003 issue of Honey. The music is "Seguranca" by Maxwell.
For now you get to see who some of my favorite artists are... and the list is no where near complete! The background is a collage (for details, refer to the bottom of that page). The music is "I Am Music" by Common.
Some drawings and links to some cool stuff, including a photo album (smile)! The background is entitled "Natalie" by Craig Morey at MoreyStudio.com and was manipulated in Adobe PhotoShop 6.0. The music is "Step in the Name of Love" by R. Kelly.
A couple of short stories for your enjoyment. The background was borrowed from MacDesktops.com. The music is "Send One Your Love" by Steveland Morris a.k.a. Stevie Wonder.
Here's a nice library of inspirational and humorous snippets I've collected from various emails and decided to share with you! The background is entitled "Homestead" which I actually snatched from someone's page on BlackPlanet. The music is "Beans & Cornbread" by Louis Jordan.
Please take the time to drop me a line. I've included some additional links to other frequented sites, so feel free to check them out! I can't remember where I got the background from, but the music is "Visions" by Stevie Wonder!

Upon entering the site you listened to "Fire & Ice" by Enya. Music on this page is the instrumental version of "Electric Relaxation," originally laid down by A Tribe Called Quest. Other music featured on this site includes... "To Know Someone Softly is to Know Someone Deeply" by Terence Trent D'Arby, "Insensatez" by Stan Getz, and "Roda" by the Brazilian Tropical Orchestra.
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