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Poetry is like a creamy butter that's good for you so you can spread it on thick without worrying about clogged arteries.
Makes you want to french kiss beautiful strangers and stick your thumb between their lips...
puts an aching in your pants that feels good in the grip of a hot, wet and hungry place that wants you to punch into it as deep as you can, and rips the back of your neck with uncontrollable desire,
spends you, milking you mercilessly with a mischievous smile and swallows every last drop of your innocense while begging you for more,
tickling taboos and tantalizing you with insatiable appetites,
selfishly uninhibited like a playful tiger that doesn't want to let you go
- dangerously enticing so that, when it's gone,
you're left catching your breath with the chill of perspiration on your forehead and a terrible pounding in your chest.

- Eric Nunnally

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