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No, this ain't no diary! (Not really, anyway)
I thought it would be cool to have a spot where I could record all the inspirational forwards from my email box so that I could refer to them quickly, without having to search through an already overloaded archive! So as not to make it SO predictable, I've thrown a few funnies in along with them. Know someone who is having a shitty day? Send them on through. Eventually there's bound to be something for everyone up in here. I'd like to thank all those anonymous authors out there who have brightened many a day allowing God to work through them and touch someone, and remind them that ITS ALL GOOD. Enjoy!

A life that matters

Take hold of every moment

Running in the rain

The hospital window

May today there be peace within

Natural highs

What's important

Customer service call

You are beautiful

Airline reservations

Why I fired my secretary

Remember when...

Satan's meeting

Embarrassing moments

A Small Church

What goes around... comes around...

A little inspiration

Caring Children

Forbidden Knowledge

Interview with God

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