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The name is Eric Nunnally ... glad you could drop in!

This is a CNI Mix, which means absolutely nothing to those who don't know. For those of you who do... this is it. For those fortunate and not so fortunate to know Rico Machiavelli , this is where he parks now. For those of you who know me... smile, cause I'm havin' fun!!

For the vast majority of my visitors, keep reading! You're bound to find something interesting! Hope it keeps you coming back for more!

To kick this off, I'm gonna throw a little somethin' somethin' atcha! Poetry is as poetry does. If you don't get it, don't study it. It's not for you. But if it hits, savor it. There's nothin like somebody touching you where you want to be or need to be touched. Some of this stuff might feel like its out there, but sometimes its just a matter of time and timing. So dig in to this light smorgasbord I've prepared for you. I'm sure you'll find something to wet your appetite!

but before you come...

If you would allow me to taste your tears
Instead of wiping them away
And offer you my nakedness when you are in pain
And when you are overwhelmed
And lonely
Let me inside
I will do my best to stay there until the fear subsides...

Cuz when you look into my eyes
I feel the depths of your desires,
tied up for their own protection,
yearning for the taste of love...

Well, if you dare to smile for me
I promise
I will smile, too
and the joy that comes from being loved
will free your dreams to live above your expectations
and disappointments,
your fears and doubts and miseries;
at last you'll know the air you breathe
is only as good as you believe
and when you open your heart to this
you won't remember what you missed
but look ahead with eyes brand new
and full of the beauty I see in you...

But never say you love me
For words are like the wind
Instigating feelings you can never touch
And what I feel is worth too much
To get lost somewhere
In the air out there.

So if you think you’ve found your other half in me
Please, excuse me
I only meant to show you
The beauty you shared with me…


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