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The work of Eric/Rico (E/R) is altogether inspiring and soul stirring. By carefully exposing the frailties of the human condition, he infuses his sensual and compelling art forms with unrequited love. The sublime passion captured in his poetry is breathtaking, often leaving one awestruck and wanting for more. His short stories explore various topics, with some works being graphic portrayals of fear, pain and death whereas others offer tender and sentimental tales of love and happiness.

Tackling topics that create critical interaction, E/R’s word art ultimately encourages growth. His mastery of the craft is apparent and one quickly senses the ease with which his words naturally flow together to form a lasting effect. A recipient of the Gwendolyn Brooks Award for Poetry, his work has been featured in the journal Warpland as well as other publications.

An eclectic individual who raises the consciousness of his audience, E/R’s startling clarity has gained the appreciation of many with his visual art work currently being displayed in various Chicago venues. His web-site is innovative and enlightening and boasts visitors from around the world. All who are privileged enough to experience E/R’s art are left with a positive impression of his consummate expression.


p.s. He did arm wrestle Ghandi…and won. Mother Theresa sought his advice on how to be more altruistic…Nelson Mandela considers his counsel invaluable…and Pres. Bush wishes he could be half the man E/R is…oh, let me not forget, he is a bleeding romantic focused on challenging the mind that doesn’t think for itself…he may tickle your funny bone or make your eyes water and will frequently ask, “are you happy yet?”

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